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If you’re looking for a set of Heavy Duty Focus Pads that are made to be hit HARD!, the Black Diamond Classics are for you!.

The hand fit is suitable for most hand sizes and is incredibly comfortable as the Focus Pad contains a larger palm ball for extra grip and pad control when catching strikes.
The Classics are leather cased heavy duty gel faced focus pads designed for powershots.
are well recommended for Muay Thai Training and Pad Holders.
These Focus Pads are built to last and have been tested and proven in the Black Diamond range for decades.
We cannot recommend a better Focus Pads for professional trainers!


  •  Ideal for big hitters & professional pad holders
  •  Hand made, double-stitched & built with a stunning pre-curved striking face
  •  Gel lined, injected foam padding for superior shock absorption
  •  Large palm ball for enhanced grip & greater pad control
  •  Thick hook & loop pull-back wrist straps to ensure holding stability
  •  Breathable finger covers to prevent accidental injury