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The Black Diamond Trainer Thigh Pads are an ideal training aid for variations of kicks to the legs.

These secure pads each come with a pullback waist strap and inner leg lacing to ensure you’re locked in tight while still giving the holder complete freedom to check, move and kick back!
This fantastic tool comes as a pair to ensure your student can attack each leg when needed.
If you love using leg kicks in your pad work combinations or you’re a pad holder who is looking to take away the strain of heavy leg kicks off your body, we would highly recommend this product.


  •  Designed to take hard power kicks to the front/outer leg
  •  Built for professional muay thai pad holders
  •  Designed with premium, shock-absorbing padding & artificial Thailand leather
  •  Can be utilised singularly or as a pair
  •  Laced inner leg closure
  •  Comes with a pullback, waist belt on each leg
  •  One size fits all