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Within martial arts, the sword has cemented its place as an iconic tool in demonstrations and weapons training. With the design focused on simplicity, the art of the sword is one that brings grace and beauty to any demonstration.

The Bokken - Unbreakable PP Brown is a mid length bokken made from high grade injected Poly Propylene. This provides extremely high impact strength, makes this the ideal training weapon for sword and striking drills where bokken to bokken contact occurs.
Under high level use, the plastic may develop a slight bend in the mould. This can be corrected by physically bending the opposite way by hand.

Features a unique Tsuka for a premium look and feel over other plastic training bokkens.

With a length of approximately 83cm with a fixed, Poly Propylene Tsuba, this Bokken is ideal for intense training.


  • Material: Poly Propylene
  • Fixed Tsuba
  • Length: 83cm, blade length 62cm, handle 20cm
  • Sold individually - Image of close up and full length for illustration purposes only. No scabbard supplied with this sword.