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Looking for a bag that hits back!?!
Punch Equipment’s Cobra Reflex Boxing Bag is here to shake your boxing training to the core!
The Cobra Reflex Boxing Bag is perfect for those looking for an incredibly fun boxing workout at home that will not only improve your skills but also give you some incredible benefits.
Develop your hand-eye-coordination, guarding, hand speed, foot/body/head movement, spatial awareness & more!
This spring-loaded bag is engineered to fit comfortably in the home, allowing you to quickly install, transport & utilize this fantastic boxing tool in minutes!
This bag is designed with a rounded 360-degree foam padded head to allow the user to hit and move around the bag at all angles.
As this bag allows for height adjustment, this bag can be set from 115cm to 155cm ( bottom of base to the top of the bag ) making this user-friendly to almost all ages!
The high-density base can be filled with water or sand making installation a breeze.
So easy-to-assemble!
Instruction manual and tools included.


  • Test your speed, agility, striking & defensive skills
  • Engineered for home usage
  • Spring-loaded to swing 360 degrees
  • Great for beginners to professionals
  • Height adjustable to suit almost all ages!
  • Requires minimal space (approx. 2 x 2 metres)
  • Water or sand-filled base, easy to assemble