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Combat Training Escrimas are an essential tool for all types of Escrima/Kali training and can be used for full contact practice without the bruising from traditional Rattan sticks in order to develop real life combat skills. They can also be used as a bat for disarming drills and all other applications such as targets for blocking and striking drills rather than traditional focus mitts of shields.

Escrima is the term used to identify the style of martial arts practised in the Philippines. With a tried and tested history in actual combat, Escrima has proven itself as a formidable style of martial arts.

Available in Red or Blue colour options and sold individually


  • Length: 67cm (Handle: 21cm, Strike Area: 46cm)
  • Diameter: 4cm
  • Handle: Plastic
  • Inner: Plastic
  • Outer: Foam padding covered in poly fabric
  • Colour option: Red or Blue
  • Sold individually  - Image of close up and full length for illustration purposes only.