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The Katana has traditionally been associated with the Samurai of Japan and is the longest of the Samurai swords.

This set of display Katanas includes;
1  x Katana, 1 x Wakazashi and a black Wooden display stand.  Each Katana features a silver Dragon decal over a black enamel coated saya.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Katana Total Length: 98 cm
  • Katana Blade Length: 68 cm
  • Wakazashi Total Length: 77 cm
  • Wakazashi Blade Length: 48 cm
  • Bound handle
  • Fixed Tsuba

Please note: Display Katanas have stainless steel blades which are functional but essentially they are made for display purposes and not made to the same specifications as the High quality Handmade range of Swords