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Within martial arts, the sword has cemented its place as an iconic tool in demonstrations and weapons training. With the design focused on simplicity, the art of the sword is one that brings grace and beauty to any demonstration.

The katana has traditionally been associated with the samurai of Japan and is the longest of the samurai swords. This Katana is suitable for Iaito or XMA demonstration purposes with a blunt aluminium blade. The katana is full length with a wire brush hamon with the handle being crafted from original Hishigami and faux rayskin. It features a wooden enamel saya and steel tuba and is packaged in a cotton sock with a display protective carton.


  • Material (blade): aluminium
  • Wire brush hamon
  • Handle: original Hishigami and faux rayskin
  • Wooden enamel saya
  • Steel tsuba
  • Blade length: 70cm
  • Total length: 100cm