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Within martial arts, the sword has cemented its place as an iconic tool in demonstrations and weapons training. With the design focused on simplicity, the art of the sword is one that brings grace and beauty to any demonstration.

The katana has traditionally been associated with the samurai of Japan and is the longest of the samurai swords.

The hand made traditional Shirasaya Sword features a medium carbon blade, which is sharp and fully functional. Keeping with tradition, the Shirasaya features a plain undecorated wooden mounting composed of a saya and tsuka.

Maintenance is recommended in order to prevent rust with a sword maintenance kit.


  • Blade material: Medium carbon steel
  • Sharpened, functional blade
  • Total length: 103cm
  • Blade length: 74cm
  • Full tang
  • Two wooden pegs to secure the handle to the tang
  • Wooden saya and tsuka
  • Sold individually - Image of close up and full length for illustration purposes only