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The SMAI Kung Fu Dummy features a fixed base plate that allows functional training and conditioning. Does not spin. Mounted onto a 50cm diameter metal plate with pre drilled holes for fixing to a floor for stability (dyna bolts not included). Complete with two 1cm impact pads on the centre pole for impact absorption and incremental conditioning training.  For extra durability three sections of wood are combined to make the centre pole. You will need to drill this dummy into the floor for safe use. Each leg and arm is secured in place with a safety pin. 

Please note this is a natural wood product and surface finishes may vary


  • Material: solid Rosewood
  • Metal plate base diameter: 50cm
  • Centre pole diameter: 21cm
  • Height: 159cm
  • Max width: 70cm
  • Bottom leg (from body): 35cm
  • Top 3 arms (from body): 32cm
  • Bottom leg rear extrusion: 5cm
  • Top 3 arms rear extrusion: 3.5cm