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The SMAI Leather Floor to Ceiling Ball is made from the highest quality leather and materials to offer you a durable piece of functional training equipment. The ball is used in boxing reaction, timing and co-ordination training. The ball is suspended between two high tension elastic cables for maximum rebound. Two height adjustable straps with easy clips attach to any ceiling and floor fixture points you have available.  The bag, measuring approx 74cm diameter is manufactured from aniline leather which is very soft to touch but also durable under commercial usage. The unique feature with our SMAI Leather Floor to Ceiling ball is that they are manufactured with a zipper top to allow easy replacement of the inner butyl bladder which may wear out over time.


  • Ball Length: 26cm
  • Ball Widest circumference: approx. 74cm
  • Total length including straps and cables (no tension applied) 230cm 
  • Material: aniline leather
  • Butyl bladder
  • Elastic Cables
  • Reinforced base to resist fatigue splitting


Note: Do not over tension the elastic cables. Over tensioning the cables may be dangerous and may cause the elastic cable to snap when in use. 

Balls will ship deflated and requires inflating using a standard ball pump and needle. Do not over inflate the bladder - this will shorten the life of the bladder. Bladders are a consumable and will need to be replaced over time.