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The Mexican Fuerte Micro Speed Boxing Pad is designed for the professional pad holder.
This focus pad is sold individually as an additional accessory to a standard sized/weighted focus pad.
This pad can be used in conjunction with a heavy focus pad or Thai-pad as this pads ideal application is to heavily emphasis the development of a fighters lead hand jab.
A trainer often demands frequent usage of double or triple lead hand punches on the micro pad to create an opening for a heavy rear hand shot on a normal-sized focus pad.
The micro-focus pad is then ideal for enforcing evasion by passing over the head of the fighter straight after the heavy rear hand shot.
This pad is an easy on/off fit for your hands with it's thick, encased finger covers once your hand is bridged into the back of the focus pad.
We would recommend this micro speed focus pad for experienced pad holders looking to move the effort off themselves and onto the fighter/student.


  •  Developed for professional pad holders & boxing coaches
  •  Micro-sized target face for precision boxing/striking
  •  Hand fit suited to fit adult hands
  •  Casing and finger covers made from premium, full cow-hide leather & 
  •  Super lightweight focus pad with built with latex & EVA Gen 3, 3cm padding
  •  Close weave hand lace closure
  •  Sold as a single pad or as a pair