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The Pro Bag Buster Bag Mitt has upgrades from the normal Bag Buster such as a 3 inch elastic stretch wrist band that closes tightly around the wrist. An attached thumb and a semi-padded thumb make it like wearing a boxing glove without the bulk!
It has a fully injected mould inside that is 6cm deep. This bag mitt gives you virtually the same protection as a boxing glove.

Ideal for hard boxing training – punch hard with these pillows! Great for low profile bag workouts and fitness pad workouts. Not recommended for sparring as this bag mitt only has a semi-padded thumb.

The AAA Grade rating = a 2 year warranty


  •  Developed with the padding of a boxing glove with the weight of a bag mitt
  •  Built for the fitness boxing training enthusiasts
  •  Designed for focus pads & boxing bag training
  •  Made with a high-grade elastic wrist wrap for a secure & comfortable fit
  •  Semi-padded thumb for added protection



Product Size Hand Width  (CM) Hand Width (Inches)
S / M 8.5 – 12 3.3 – 4.7
L / XL 10 – 14.5 4.33 – 5.7