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The Punch® Quickwraps – 10 Pack is a perfect choice for the personal trainer, coach or group fitness instructor.
Punch® Quick wraps are designed for faster hand wrapping in large group boxing classes!
These accessories are the perfect accessory option to ensure your clients/students spend more time training and less time wrapping!
If you’re also training beginners, this option is highly recommended to keep your sessions starting smoothly.
Cotton Inners, Stretch & Quick Wraps are recommended under your boxing gloves for protecting your knuckles, stabilising your wrist, protecting your thumb & soaking up sweat & moisture.
Punch® Quickwraps require no hand wrapping skills and are easy to put on and take off!


  • A great solution for beginners, mass group boxing classes.
  •  No hand wrapping skills needed!
  •  Provides added knuckle protection & support/stability to your wrist.
  •  Absorbs moisture & sweat away from your boxing gloves.