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The Punch Bag Arms from Punch Equipment are designed to give your boxing bag personality & functionality!

With 2 protruding arms, attacking your bag becomes a more serious, thought-provoking challenge.

The arms allow users to incorporate specifically targeted strikes on an opponent's body,

They also allow the user to grab & maneuver in order to close the distance for elbows, knees, or clinching techniques.

If your boxing bag or freestanding boxing bag is over approx. 310 - 400mm in diameter, you should have no problem fitting these arms to your bag.

This product fits all Punch Equipment boxing bags excluding the wall & teardrop boxing bag.


  • Engineered to attach to most boxing bags on the market
  • Designed to incorporate defensive & clinching drills
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Easy on-off, dual, rear hook & loop design
  • Secures tightly & securely against the surface of a boxing bag
  • Boxing bag not included