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If you’re looking for quality club-friendly Muay Thai Shin Guards, the Punch Shin pads are ideal for beginner & intermediate students in Muay ThaiMMA and Kickboxing.
They’re built to be incredibly lightweight for their size while still providing solid protection from below your kneecap down to your toes.
This fantastic shin guard grips your leg securely with dual rear hook closures, ankle & foot elastic straps to help minimise any slipping/spinning around while training or sparring.
We recommend this product for instructors that are training beginners in Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai.


  •  Ideal for Kickboxing drills & sparring
  •  Traditional Muay Thai shin pad design
  •  Dual, rear legs straps with rear ankle & foot elastic straps
  •  Designed for beginner & intermediate students
  •  Lightweight build with anti-slip shaping
  •  Solid padding protection from underneath just underneath the kneecap to your toes


This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary

Product Size Shin Size (Inches) Shin Size (CM) In-Step Size (Inches) In-Step Size (CM) Suited For
S 32.5 12.8 16 6.3 Youth
M 35.5 14 17.5 6.9 Teens
L 36.5 14.37 18 7.1 Adults
XL 40 15.75 18 7.1 Adults
Image Punch Shin Guards / Pads