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The Sai has its origins in Okinawa that can be used in both offensive and defensive capabilities. The most recognisable aspects of this weapon is the pointed baton and varying prongs extending from the handle. The Sai can be used as part of demonstrations or with heavy weapons training.

The Chrome Sai are a lightweight option. Sold as a pair, they are available in differing size lengths.


  • Material: chrome
  • Octagon design
  • Total length 13 inch: 33cm, Blade length 8.5 inch: 21.5cm  
  • Total length 15 inch: 38cm, Blade length 10 inch: 25.5cm
  • Total length 18 inch: 46cm, Blade length 12 inch: 30.5cm
  • Total length 19.5 inch: 50cm, Blade length 13 inch: 33cm
  • Total length 21.5 inch: 55cm, Blade length 15 inch: 38cm
  • Sold as pair