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Once you place these special limited edition gloves on your hands, you will experience true comfort & support.
These visually stunning gloves are purposely designed for serious protection and wrist stability during your Muay Thai training & sparring.
If you're looking for a step up from your standard Muay Thai boxing gloves or you are in need of some extra support and specific protection for your Muay Thai training, this Special Muay Thai boxing glove is for you.

The Special glove is also made with Punchcool mesh lining allowing the glove to dry out quickly from unnecessary sweat & moisture while working out.

The attached thumb design assists with injury prevention and provides excellent wrist support with the 'V-Carpal' system.

These gloves are available in 12 & 16oz.



  • Developed with unique, highly protective features for the serious muay thai boxers
  •  Designed with V-Carpal wrist protection built into each wrist join for 'roll back' resistance
  •  Fully Cowhide leather outer casing, ventilated mesh & Punchtex reinforced palm for greater sweat resistance 
  •  Deluxe palm pillow swells
  •  Streamlined, thick, full wrap wrist closure
  •  Authentic Thai style broader, shorter glove head for better defensive glove positioning
  •  Limited edition faded star, blue/red artwork