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Bo Staffs are the perfect introductory weapon for all ages.
Traditionally used in Japanese Martial Arts, the Bo Staff is used for striking, blocking and sweeping opponents. 

Manufactured from super-lightweight lotus wood, the staff is ideal for achieving high speed during performances and demonstrations.  The staff is covered in an eye catching holographic decal for competition and demonstrations.  Key feature, compared with  previous models, is the addition of a wrapped grip pad, approximately 20cm in length, in the centre of the staff to give the user added control over movement.

This product is not intended for contact training purposes and not suitable for staff on staff impact training.

You should choose a staff that is close to your own height, unless you are training a specific style. The thinner or lighter a staff, the easier it  will be to handle, and the faster it will maneuver through air. Generally, tapered staffs are used for demos. Straight staffs are used for training, as they are more durable during contact training.


  • Material: lightweight lotus wood
  • 4 FOOT: Length - 127cm, Weight - 206grams
  • 5 FOOT: Length - 152cm, Weight - 280 grams
  • 6 FOOT: Length - 183cm, Weight - 343 grams
  • Sold individually - Image of close up and full length for illustration purposes only