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The Thumpas Curved Focus Pads is Punch Equipment’s best-selling, most tested and proven model focus pad in over 1000’s of fitness clubs, fight gyms & PT studios across Australia.
The pads casing is made from the super durable Punchtex material which is built to stand years & years of intense training.
This pads hand-fit is designed for your hand to slip comfortably in-out allowing quick changes overs while enabling the user to lock in their hands once gripped into the inner palm control ball.
The new V30 model has added a superb wrist security strap to ensure your hands won’t slip out!
These features are very important for trainers and clients during mass boxing classes which require fast focus pad exchanges.
The above features also reassure that this pad is built for commercial training environments.
This extremely durable focus pad has been in the Punch Equipment range for over 20 years!
We recommend this product to anyone who takes their fitness boxing classes seriously and is looking for the most value in their boxing training kits!

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Medium – Smaller Adult / Teenage Hands
Large – Average to Large Adult Hands (Recommended for Large Groups)