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Now in a Triple Black matte design, perfect for everyday use in a commercial gym, outdoor cardio boxing or circuit training, or home bag work.

The SMAI Triple Black Bag Mitts are manufactured from high quality syntec leather with a two inch cuff design. Featuring injection moulded technology that contours to the natural shape of your fist. Soft thumb design, the top of the finger tips is lined with EVA foam to ensure you can clench as tight as you like without pushing through the cover. Finished with a two inch wrist strap that gives wrist support when striking, these bag gloves are an alternative for all types of pad and bag work for those who do not like the bulkiness of other designs frequently used in boot camps, KIMAX classes and other applications.

You may also want to use Hand Wraps or Quick Wrap to help protect your hands and wrists from injuries.


  • Outer: high quality syntec leather
  • Padding: synthetic 
  • Velcro closure
  • Sold as pair


  • Small/Medium
  • Large/Extra Large