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The Trophy Getters Speed Ball is a Commercial Grade Quality Speed Ball mainly for boxing fitness and cardio workouts.

A Speed Ball is designed to improve many boxing skills including hand-eye coordination, timing, hand speed &  much more.

This 10″ Speed Ball is designed with Punchtex material and will last years of training.

This Speed Ball is fantastic for boxing gyms, training studios & heavily used training environments.

All Speed Balls come with an in-built, replaceable bladder


  • AAA Graded Product
  • Punchtex Synthetic Casing
  • Heavy Duty Zipper with casing closure
  • Extended Manufacturers Warranty on Casing
  • No Sharp Materials
  • Replaceable Bladder Included



Ensure to lubricate your pump needles prior to inflation.

Do not over-inflate, ensure the ball feels firm and not solid as a rock.

Changes in temperature and regular usage will require the bladder to be regularly topped up.

Perishable, High Wear & Tear Product: Bladders are not covered under warranty.